Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy. We do not share or sell any of the information that you provide through this web site to third-parties for any type of solicitation. We use your information only for the purpose for which it has been submitted to our law firm.
But before you provide any confidential or sensitive information, please allow us an opportunity to run a conflict check to confirm there is no conflict of interest which may be unethical, improper, or which might otherwise make it difficult for our firm to impartially represent you.

You should also be aware that sending information by email is not secure. It also does not automatically create an attorney-client privilege.

We do not know what electronic data is collected by the Internet services we use to bring you this web site, except in terms of statistics which tell us which pages may be more useful to our web visitors. We also do not use “cookies,” track IP addresses or capture any information about your specific visit to our web site. We do, however, encourage you to contact us with any comments that may help us improve our web content.